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 2012 Asia-Pacific Le Mans Series

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PostSubject: 2012 Asia-Pacific Le Mans Series   Sun 8 Jan - 1:32

The Asia-Pacific Le Mans Series is an intercomunity endurance racing championship hosted by OnlineRacingAustralia.com and supported by AussieRaceServers.com.

Races will range from 4 to 12hours in length across a variety of Asian, Australian and New Zealand tracks.


Oceania and Asian communities have the oportunity to enter 1 team car in each class, with a custom skin representitive of their community.
Initial grid sizes will be limited to 10 places in each class. This can be increased if needed.
Each entered community has the responsibility of fielding their team car at every round.
The community has the ability to rotate, swap and change driver line-ups for each round as they see fit.
Based on qualifying and race positions, points will be awarded to each team/community car, rather than individual drivers.
All drivers are required to be registered on the ORA forums.
All drivers will be required to run a community/team representitive 3-5 digit tag infront of their rFactor name so their team can be easily identified by other drivers on track throughout the race.

Enduracers SP2
Mod & Template Downloads: http://enduracers.com/downloads_es.html

There will be an initial maximum of 10 cars per class. Allowing for a 20 car grid.
Each comunity is able to enter a single car in 1 or both classes.

LMP1 Petrol:
Creation CA06
Epsilon Euskadi EE1
Zytek Z06s

Aston martin DBR9
Corvette C6R
Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT,
Saleen S7R

Custom Skins:
Customs skins will be required for each car in this series.
They must be representitive of the community/team entering.
At least 1 of the ORA and 1 of the Aussie Race Servers logo’s must be present somewhere on the skin. Logo type and position etc will be at the skinners discression.
Download these logo's from here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?i9f7cec5n6hxthb
Skins need to be submitted by 1st March to: high-on-octane (at) hotmail (dot) com

Series Schedule:

11th March – Fuji VLN- 8hours.
2pm Virtual Start Time. Formation/Standing Start.

15th April - Phillip Island - 6hours.
4pm start time. Formation/Standing Start.

27th May - Taupo - 4hour.
Midday virtual start time. Rolling Start.

24th June - Shanghai - 4hours.
Midday start time. Rolling Start.

15th July - Singapore - 6hour.
6pm start time. Formation/Standing Start.

12th Aug - Eastern Creek - 4hours.
2pm start time. Rolling Start

9th Sep - Ruapuna - 6hour.
4pm start time. Rolling Start

14th Oct - Adelaide - 6hours.
4pm start time. Formation/Standing Start.

11th Nov - Suzuka - 12hours (simulating 24)
Midday start time. Rolling Start.

Series Points.
Full points will be awarded for race positions.
Half points will be awarded for qualifying positions.
DNF’s will be given points for their final position as registered on the server at the completion of the race.


Qualifying will occur on the Sunday evening, 1 week before the race.
Only 1 driver from each car is required to qualify the car. Although more than 1 driver may qualify if they wish.
Only 1 car from each team is to be in the server during qualifying. If that team wishes to swap drivers, they must hotswap.
The fastest qualifying time for each car (regardless of which driver set the time) will be taken as the official qualifying time.
If a team does not qualify, they will be placed at the rear of the grid for the following week’s race.

Qualifying Format:
Qualifying will consist of a 1 hour open session for the GT class, followed by a 1 hour open session for the Prototype class.
Then there will be a 1hour practice race combining both classes to use as a test race for practice starts, testing setups, hotswaps etc and to get a feel for race conditions.

GT1 Qualifying will commence at 8pm AEST
LMP1 Qualifying will commence at 9pm AEST
1hour practice race for both classes will commence at 10pm AEST


Race night will consist of of a 2hour open practice session followed by a 15minute warm-up session to set the grid for the race and to conduct the driver briefing.
The driver who is starting the race must be in their car by the end of the 2hour practice session.
There are to be no drivers on track whilst the driver briefing is taking place.
The race will start once the warm up session is completed.
All race starts will be either a formation lap followed by a standing start, or a formation lap followed by a rolling start.
There will be absolutely NO RESTARTS!!
So please take care on the formation and first few laps.

There will 1 compulsary driver swap per race.
The race strategy (amount of drivers, hotswaps, pit stops etc) is entirely up to each team.

Race Start Times
Race start times depending on race duration will be:
4hours: 8pm - Midnight AEST (GMT+10)
6hours: 6pm - Midnight AEST (GMT+10)
8hours: 4pm - Midnight AEST (GMT+10)
12hours: 2pm - 2am. AEST (GMT+10)

For all other details, and to register your team for the series, please head over to the ORA forums here: http://www.onlineracingaustralia.com/forum/

Also please note that due to a large ammount of spammers, we have banned most free webmail domains.
Please sigh up to the forums with an ISP provided webmail account.
If this is not possible, you can create a free webmail account through this provider: http://revhead.mail.everyone.net/email/scripts/serviceMenu.pl?user=new&EV1=13257538578697705
Then sign up to the ORA forums with your new revhead email account.

If you have any questions, please contact me on the forums, or email me on high-on-octane(at)hotmail(dot)com
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2012 Asia-Pacific Le Mans Series
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