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 Selecting oppenents

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PostSubject: Selecting oppenents   Selecting oppenents EmptySat 12 May - 21:41

I have recently come back to RF because iof this great mod, but have encountered a problem. I am doing a race at Le mans with 54 opponents, with my car as Creation, and the rest of the grid is only made up of similar cars.

I have searched through options and forum for a way of choosing what opponents to race against, but have drawn a blank. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

regards Bob
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PostSubject: Re: Selecting oppenents   Selecting oppenents EmptySun 3 Jun - 11:01

1. After selecting your Car go to Race Weekend
2. Select the OPPONENTS Tab
3. Adjust the amount of AI cars
4. Filter the Vehicles you might want to have in the race. Goes from
- Single cars like ES_P2AcuraARX to
- Categories like ES_P2 (LMP2) to
- Series or Championships like ES_ALMS (American Lemans Series)
5. In the right tab you see the cars which will take part if they all fit in your amount of AI drivers.

[url=http://postimage.org/image/ekbdsm9e5/full/]Selecting oppenents Opponent_Selection_Screens
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Selecting oppenents
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