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 auto blip

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PostSubject: auto blip   Wed 17 Oct - 11:44

i know the GT cars in this mod remove auto blip, but do i have to do anything to my plr to really disable auto blip, or will it stay on? It was not clear in the readme how to make sure?

What happens if i leave auto clutch on, etc? will it still be disable by the mod?
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PostSubject: Re: auto blip   Wed 17 Oct - 13:21

I disable nothing in PLR on this point, in the physics there no auotblip on GT and on some P2 cars like C65 cars.
In game, the clutch has no impact on this point, you can make the blip without using the clutch (or in leaving leave active, no matters). rFactor does'nt manage the gearbox blocking if clutch is or is not engaged :(
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PostSubject: Re: auto blip   Wed 17 Oct - 19:43

Thanks, good to know. I read a few threads from when the mod first came out that some people struggled with the back end of some cars due to no auto blip. I have no such issues at all and I'm not even blipping, so thought I would ask if there was something not quite right on my end with settings.

Either I am just shifting down at the right times, or I somehow have auto blipping on, hence the need to post!

Maybe on somewhere like Monza, first corner, it will become more clear about blipping.
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PostSubject: Re: auto blip   

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auto blip
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