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 F430 GT2 gear shift/engine problem

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PostSubject: F430 GT2 gear shift/engine problem   Wed 26 Dec - 18:01

Greetings guys,

I recently tested the F430 at Le Mans and found a pretty big problem when using auto transmission.

Maybe it's just me but when braking hard it downshifts incorrectly, eventually killing the engine

It goes like 6-N-4-3 or 6-N-2-4

Can this be fixed somehow ? :look:

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Steve McQ
Steve McQ

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PostSubject: Re: F430 GT2 gear shift/engine problem   Wed 26 Dec - 23:10

Yes, it's a bug with the autoclutch. When you lock a wheel while downgearing, it seems that the engine cuts out, but this has no effect on the car's behaviour.

You can erase the bug easily by having a quick small push on the throttle each time a gear goes down.

Actually, the mod is not designed to be played with automatic gear changes, and the best piece of advice I can give you is to shift by yourself and even to switch off the automatic clutch (using a button as clutch is possible). You will have a more realistic driving experience, and you will avoid this particular bug!

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PostSubject: Re: F430 GT2 gear shift/engine problem   Tue 1 Jan - 0:42

Well, that doesn't necessarily hold true for all of the cars in the mod however. I've been using auto clutch and auto gear changes with the Epsilon Euskadi in the Endurance mod for a long time now and I have never had any of the difficulties that he's described.

I have a wheel and pedal system that does not have a clutch so auto clutching is something of a necessity for me. However if I am driving a GT car I will set up my wheel so that I can at least control the shifting myself.
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PostSubject: Re: F430 GT2 gear shift/engine problem   

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F430 GT2 gear shift/engine problem
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