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 CMS 2.4 hours of Lemans with Enduracers Large Field June 8th

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PostSubject: CMS 2.4 hours of Lemans with Enduracers Large Field June 8th   Sat 18 May - 21:09

CMS Gold: 2.4 heures du Mans - June 8, 2013 - Event info and discussion

to sign up you must register at http://cmsracing.com

You must be a registered and approved CMS member to race and to use the practice server. And UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you allowed to pass PWs to non-members.

This post is for race info and discussion - For signup and car selection, please go http://cmsracing.com/champion/forums/cms-special-events-78/cms-gold-2-4-heures-du-mans-june-8-2013-driver-registration-21593/

Le Mans 2004

GT2, LMP2 and LMP1 (No restrictions in any of the classes)

Race parameters
2.4 hours ( 144 min); 10 time acc. with race start at 2 PM game time; Damage: 75%; All other normal. TC but no ABS.

Other info
Happy hour/offcial test: June 1st (Details later)
Driver swap will only be allowed in special cases after accept by the planners (David (PM: davidan) and Steen (PM: wheeler))
It is recommended to tune your system for a race on long track with a large grid - and at night too. RUN A LOAD TEST: 40 AI at night; 10 time acc and race for at least 30 min. Tweaking - See below.

Race Day (Saturday, June 8, 2013)
Practice: 12:00pm CST US / 6:00pm UK / 7:00pm CET 90min
Qualyfication: 1:30pm CST US / 7:30pm UK / 8.30pm CET SPLIT 225 min (Class distribution to be determined)
Warmup: 2:20pm CST US / 8:20pm UK / 9:20 CET 10min
Race: 2:30pm CST US / 8:30pm UK / 9:30 CET 144min

Race start
Standing start followed manual single file formation until the beginning of the Moulsanne Straight (Just after Tertre Rouge)

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CMS 2.4 hours of Lemans with Enduracers Large Field June 8th
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