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 AI Strength in own car

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PostSubject: AI Strength in own car   AI Strength in own car EmptyFri 27 Sep - 22:56


I'm currently trying to do some offline endurance racing with your awesome mod (in the current 2.1 version).

I've experimented a bit with the AI to have them at a competitive pace without causing too much trouble (AI strength to 107%, reduced aggression, reduced limiting, giving custom setups to the P1 cars, ...) and now I'm quite happy racing against the AI.

As I'm looking into driving actual endurance lengths (up to 24 hours) I also want the AI to be my teammate driving part of the race.

Problem is: The AI in my car (Aston Martin) is much slower than in the opponents, at least 5 seconds a lap at Curcuit de la Sarthe. But I need it to be at a similar pace than the rest of the GT1 cars.

I already started a thread at nogripracing.com and as people suggested it might have to do with the talent files I tested around with them and don't think they're to blame (you may check the thread for reference).

I figured someone here might have some tips on that.

Some facts:
I switch drivers with the hotkey (I) while in the pits, so no actual driver change.
AI strength at 107%, AI in my car drives at about 100% strength.
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PostSubject: Re: AI Strength in own car   AI Strength in own car EmptySat 28 Sep - 18:51

Since your bringing up 24 Hour races, there are some leagues out there that hold 24 hour events online.
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AI Strength in own car
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