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 Flat6 Tyre temps?

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PostSubject: Flat6 Tyre temps?   Fri 11 Oct - 18:55

Hi all,
I have a short question regarding building a setup...what are the recommended tyre-temps for the Flat6-Mod?
Many thx in advance and kind regards
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PostSubject: Re: Flat6 Tyre temps?   Sat 12 Oct - 6:56

The optimum tyre temperatures for all cars are around 90C.

Remember that when you build a setup you want to look for the optimum tire contact patch rather than optimum temperatures.

That means the inner and outer part of the tires have 10C difference max. Ideally you want the middle part to be in between the inner and outer temperatures. You can adjust this with camber, caster and cold pressures.
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PostSubject: Re: Flat6 Tyre temps?   Sat 12 Oct - 7:52

Thx for the info! I had never thought about using the caster for adjusting the tyre-temps/contact patch...thx for that hint as well!
I've been long away from sim-racing (for almost 10 years) and it's a long way back to remember how some settings are working together :hein:
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PostSubject: Re: Flat6 Tyre temps?   

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Flat6 Tyre temps?
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