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 How many people join server is max ?

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Mtommi Tam

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PostSubject: How many people join server is max ?   Sat 17 Oct - 22:22


I have 1 questions,
Use V1.1
Tonight i join 1 league,is 40 people on the server,but,the server 1 hours after,race is cancel,because more problem on the server,Big Lag,and the position is wrong ...

And then, igo to see other forum made this race is max 36 people,

Is about this Mod is can not over 36 people in the server?
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Petter Kaasa

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PostSubject: Re: How many people join server is max ?   Sun 18 Oct - 4:19


We did a league race on friday with 40 guys on the server, and I didnt notice any problems at all.

It might be some track problems, but I cant say anything for sure.
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EnduRacers beta test

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PostSubject: Re: How many people join server is max ?   Sun 18 Oct - 11:35

Hi all, the rFactor limit (and it's not linked to the mod) is 46 cars online.

After this number the server have hazardous behavior.
When you make races with driver change, the solution to have a server stable, the drivers whose have to be in spectator, join the server after the race start and join their respectives mates.

In these conditions, no probleme with the mod and rFactor server.

So the limit is 46, 47 and it's the start of many problems. This is right with the others mods.
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PostSubject: Re: How many people join server is max ?   

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How many people join server is max ?
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