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 VLN Nordschliefe Race (Invitation) 997,Acura,AMR,Vette,F430

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B. Gant

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PostSubject: VLN Nordschliefe Race (Invitation) 997,Acura,AMR,Vette,F430   Wed 26 May - 5:18

Impending Release of Service Pack 1.......

Event Sponsored by Hostile Contact and RLMTV. Maximum Drivers for this Event will be capped at 50. As Stated Above. To Make things easier, we will not choose specific car choicesÖWhen you inscribe, let us know what class you are going to drive in, and what type of car (vette,aston, etc). Then From there, you can choose any type of Corvette, if thatís what car class u chose. Now, with Service Pack 1, close to release, available cars for choosing may increase, so keep an eye on this topic for additional cars added. Though LMP 1 class isnít on the list above, There are available for choosing, but strict scrutineering. Meaning, we would rather have u pick a P2 car than P1. LMP are still maxed out at 10 though, for both 1 & 2.

15.7 Miles of the Nordschliefe. We will use the F1 GP Circuit connected to the legendary Nord track. This is a VLN Tribute Race, As in Germany race series often drive this track. Only 80 Minutes for the Race, but if you enjoy driving a tough track, this event is for you. GT Cars can expect to do around 10laps, Prototypes a few laps fewer.

Because of the long Nature of this Track in terms of lap times, Qualifying will be a 3 hour long session. Unlimited Laps. No Parc Ferme. You can post your lap, leave, then come back when itís time to warm-up. No need to stick around the entire time. Your Times will be Saved, so long as you donít change anything for your car in the Rfactor Main Menu..Guys who miss qualifying and are in the back of the grid in a faster class car, will be moved to the end of their class on the grid. Race Start will be Standing, The entire grid will be lined up on front straight. Turn 1 will be wild, but the real drivers will make a way out of no way. Damage will be set too low, and ther will be no cautions.

Race Day Setup:
12:00pm Eastern US (5pm GMT)= Qualifying Begins (NO PARC FERME)
2:45pm Eastern US (7:45pm GMT)= Qualifying Over, Warmup Session Begins
3:00pm Eastern US (8:00pm GMT)= Race Start; 80 Minute Sprint Race

Class Winners will be Put on Website for the entire week, along with the full finishing order. This Event will be fun, so reserve your seat, while you still can!!! Real Names for event due to the livestream. No aliases.

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VLN Nordschliefe Race (Invitation) 997,Acura,AMR,Vette,F430
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