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 On cars, tracks and real life...

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PostSubject: On cars, tracks and real life...   Sun 20 Jun - 15:04

Ok, the basic premise of this post is to discuss whether it is possible to get the cars from the mod around tracks at similar times to what is possible in real life. Now, the example I've been trying to match is the following:

Chevrolet Corvette C6.R - Silverstone (Northamptonshire) GP - 1:43.504

Now, my quickest time, following the same lines as I saw used when I went in both 2008 and 2009, is 1:49.195. Is there any sort of tweaks that must be made in the setup screens to allow me to come close to the 1:43.504 that the real car did? Obviously, that's the fastest time set by the Corvette during the race, so I imagine the average pace was about a second or two slower, which means I'm aiming for a 1:45.5 or so.

My question to you is the following: Is this possible, and how?

Thanks, Simon.
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PostSubject: Re: On cars, tracks and real life...   Sun 20 Jun - 15:27

well..key is to do tons of laps and..work on setup IMHO. GT2 class drivers do laps under 50, using TC (low). Try to lower aero parts and..work on 1)differential 2)anti-roll bar 3) suspensions.
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PostSubject: Re: On cars, tracks and real life...   Fri 10 Jun - 4:17

Well I have done some tests in this aspect to see how close to Real Time some of the different Sims on the market are.

I have found that with the right elements and a well developed car they are very much Real Time I was able to post a 1:45 and something lap time at Sebring in an Aston Martin LMP1 class car. This was Done on GTR2 at Sebring 2007 track that Racer M helped with. What was not true to life is there is a rumble strip missing on the turn right before the long straight so my time might have been a tad slower if that was there.
Oh by the way the time was a couple of 10th's off the actual track record which is where a Real Time Base should start and worked down from there. All this taking into consideration of Horse Power. Chassis, and Aero to create a car that can run a record lap time but no more than a second faster than that. In game play this scenario should also hold true to the AI cars that your racing against.
I understand that it is a lot of work to find out the Lap Records at all the different tracks in all the different classes but it's the only way Sim Racing against the AI can be considered fair along with adding a human element to the AI in the sense that they can make mistakes.
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PostSubject: Re: On cars, tracks and real life...   

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On cars, tracks and real life...
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