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 new physics for Sp1 and "talent" files

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new physics for Sp1 and "talent" files Empty
PostSubject: new physics for Sp1 and "talent" files   new physics for Sp1 and "talent" files EmptyWed 1 Dec - 15:05

first of all, i am a big fan of your work, it's a very good mod, i am a "junior" race mechanic and i really could use your mod to learn something more about setups and also i could use many things i learnt in reality on your mod to improve my performances...

so, Sp1 is coming and i'd like to know a bit more in detail what physics modifications have you made, especially on Porsche 997 RSR tyres, engine, supensions ecc?

also, i have not much time to race in online leagues so i play mostly offline, one of the things that i didn't like is the fact that all the performance of the drivers are the same, for example in GT2 Lieb and Vonka almost drive at the same speed!!! are you going to add different performance to the talent files in Sp1 or later?
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new physics for Sp1 and "talent" files Empty
PostSubject: Re: new physics for Sp1 and "talent" files   new physics for Sp1 and "talent" files EmptyWed 1 Dec - 17:32

For the SP1 physics, no radical changes, optimizations and improvements on all sectors of the physics (10 Month work and tests spread in free time). You will feel when the SP1 will be released, but you will have a P997 behind your wheel; like in v1.2.
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new physics for Sp1 and "talent" files
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