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 SP1 framerate issues

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SP1 framerate issues Empty
PostSubject: SP1 framerate issues   SP1 framerate issues EmptyMon 7 Feb - 22:12

Ever since the release of Sp1 we are having massive framerate issues in our racing series.People have to turn down their graphics settings to medium or even lower and still suffer lag when the race gets underway.Even i am having frameratedrop while recently upgrading to a 2.8 ghz quadcore with 4 gigs of 1333mhz ram and a
new HD 6950 2GB videocard and use all the advised RFactor framerate improvement settings like +fullproc ,+highprio and have backgoud tasks and my internet security deactivated,allthough i play the mod with the highest ingame graphics settings.As this never has been the case with the initial release of the Endurance series mod i was wondering if this could be the result of the upgrade to the fresnell shaders.Looking at all the files attached to the vehicles i also get the impression the amount of data that needs to load for a car is much higher then in your first release as i can remeber there were much fewer files coming with all the cars.I would like some clarification on this issue as this has a pretty distracting impact on our racing experience and results in people having to drop out or crashing and waisting valuable practice time and primarely an enjoyable evening.Finally i would like to add that when watching my fellow racers with the circuit cams in practice car bodies appear to change,like randomly disappearing and reappearing diveplanes and winglets.

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SP1 framerate issues
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