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 FOV settings

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PostSubject: FOV settings   Sat 12 Feb - 17:34

Hi guys, the question is simple:
What FOV setting are you using? i'm actually using 57 value, i'd like to know yours :lol4:
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Number of posts : 412
Age : 31
Localisation : Lecco, Italy
Registration date : 2010-01-12

PostSubject: Re: FOV settings   Sat 12 Feb - 18:56

I tell you this question because today i was reading some threads in several sim forums about this value.
Looks really variable, and depends what distance you are from screen, screen dimensions/proportions ecc..
Now i'm doing some tests and..57 looks a bit "far" from a good real value. Now using 50 looks better, but..i have some problems looking mirrors (i need to use two buttons to rotate view and see mirrors). Surely a TrackIR would be useful for this. I'll try to drive with 50 FOV value, actually looks strange but..need to habituate a bit.
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PostSubject: Re: FOV settings   Mon 14 Feb - 14:31

Using 55 now.

Used 50 before, but compared to some on-boards it was visually to slow...

History: Used rF standart in the past like almost everyone. Then after watching videos I found out that it is to far away for my likes. Then I adjusted the seat to the front. Then I found out that the speed of the outside was to fast. Felt like driving a rocket. Found out that the FOV changes this aspect. Was way down to 35 for a long time because it changed my driving style and my laptimes to a positiv. On the other hand it was impossible to set up the rearview mirros and I had to use the virtual one...also the speed felt too slow now (good for hotlaps, more time to react and so on...driving precision...)

The 45,.....then 50 for a long time and right now I'm at 55 and it fels like everything comes together there...

Feel of driving (brakepoints, rumble effecting visual, distance to other cars...)

Just my 2 cents... :help:

PS: I'm not looking for a real value. Just want to match it to the common onboard-videos out there. Then I'm very happy. And I am for now.
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Localisation : Lecco, Italy
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PostSubject: Re: FOV settings   Mon 14 Feb - 16:57

Hi Flaux, are you ok? :D i hope yes!

About FOV well..i've played using that 57 value for a long time but, for me was a bit strange. I was looking for a better visual, more "close" to track. Using two buttons for looking left/right mirrors, i've no problem if my visual is too close. I found a good value for me, 48, and give me great sensations about realism.
Drivers can't see all cockpit when driving (without moving head) but they see just a portion.
Anyway i'm sure my value is not correct at all, but FOV value is subjective.

I love this video :D useful to find best FOV value.
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PostSubject: Re: FOV settings   Tue 15 Feb - 1:30

I use the default (which is 60 in ES mod) and move the seat as far forward as possible (in GT cars). What I have on the screen (32" TV) is pretty much the same view the real drivers have.

I am aware that in terms of depth perception and stuff like that it's not completely realistic. But with realistic FOV (as in the tutorial at RaceDepartment) you'd see nothing but YOUR LANE, let alone seeing mirrors or cars on the side, unless you happen to have a huge panoramic screen like the pro sims have.
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PostSubject: Re: FOV settings   Mon 28 Feb - 16:03

im using 47, that way i can detect oversteer/understeer quicker because its a bit more zoomed.
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PostSubject: Re: FOV settings   Mon 28 Feb - 19:58

Someone's been reading ZeosPantera's FOV tutorials I presume. :P Cool guy

My vertical FOV in rFactor is 35. I think 35 would be too narrow for me if I didn't have TrackIR to help my situational awareness. I find it's a far more engaging experience like this with the HUD turned off though. Even if I have to put up with the virtual rear view mirror.

The sensation of speed I get comes more from the danger. I know that mistakes are amplified at speed, every bump or kerb I touch hits me harder at speed, etc. So I don't worry so much about how fast it 'looks'.

I've got a similar setup in Race 07, but I don't know what my FOV is in that. The reason being in Race 07, you choose what your FOV is as a fraction of the default FOV, rather than the angle.

I'm hideously indecisive though, so I'll probably turn the in car steering wheel back on and increase my FOV again one day. :P

What seems to be the ideal solution to me is either a Triplehead or an Eyefinity setup, with a vertical FOV of maybe 35-50. That's the best way to simulate the peripheral vision I can think of, and is great for situational awareness. It's what I'd do if I had the space and money for 3 large, widescreen monitors. But I don't, so I just went for the next best thing; TrackIR.
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PostSubject: Re: FOV settings   

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FOV settings
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