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 le mans sprit song question

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PostSubject: le mans sprit song question    Wed 13 Apr - 4:00

did you guys make le mans spirit song.
if so there is one question.
i found out that the guy on the radio talking is not a crew chief
but one of the NASA's astronauts talking to mission control.
it was during a mission when NASA had the first shuttle to be in another planets(or the moons) gravitational pull
but why did you guys put that in the song????
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PostSubject: Re: le mans sprit song question    Thu 14 Apr - 19:51

They probably just liked the mood it created in the menus. They seem to be shooting for a very professional atmosphere, because they're trying to simulate a sport which involves a lot of professionalism. As opposed to some other mods, like the WRC Subaru mod, where the interface and menu music just makes it seem more like it's messing about.
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PostSubject: Re: le mans sprit song question    Thu 14 Apr - 22:00

Choice (taste) of the sound maker, nothing more. He was free on that.

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PostSubject: Re: le mans sprit song question    Sun 13 Jan - 12:17

I think I can help with this one. At least it sounds familiar. It contains parts from the song "Autumn Leaves" composed by Joseph Cosma. Many versions of it exists; also all kinds of remixes in all music genres. Coldcut's (Ninja Tune) comes closest I think.
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PostSubject: Re: le mans sprit song question    

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le mans sprit song question
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