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 How to use cars that are not in this mod?

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PostSubject: How to use cars that are not in this mod?   Wed 11 May - 23:28

once i install this mod i can only choose the cars in this mod(lmp/GT). What happened to my roadcars, grand am etc... the in the vehicle folder of my hardrive has all my cars but they wont show up in game. only the Enduracers vehicle show up

then one time i added another car mod to rFactor while Enduracerer v1.1 was installed and all the cars from enduracers dissapeared. I had to re install enduracers and remove the other car mod.

Is this mod compatible with other mods?
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PostSubject: Re: How to use cars that are not in this mod?   Thu 12 May - 8:33

In your menus of rFactor, at left, when you open the 1st button, you can go in your profile, there you can choose the mod you want to run.

And so you switch from 1 mod to another one. All mods can be used on 1 rFactor installation, you just have to select them in the menus.

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How to use cars that are not in this mod?
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