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PostSubject: OPENING OF PADDOCK TV   OPENING OF PADDOCK TV EmptySat 30 Jun - 12:23

First session for Paddock TV

A few hours of departure, tension mounted in the paddocks.First engine sounds are heard while the crew checks the last chassis settings. The drivers are all ready to fight for this race promises to be exceptional. Since two days the different test sessions are tight and free no driver managed to get a real influence over its competitors. We traveled the length and breadth of paddocks meet many people, as the current leader of the ranking, the pole man, or the mechanics of the car number 13. It will be tight and we'll have to elbow at the start to avoid being locked up. This is precisely the driver of that car No. 13, which will leave the first row just behind pole position.

The first cars start coming out of the stands and now almost all drivers are helmeted and ready to get behind the wheel. The atmosphere of the circuit becomes increasingly serious as we approach the beginning, the stands are filled, the track moves with the teams set up their car grid. The speaker circuit is a summary of the forces and his voice begins to be covered no engine sounds. Now almost all cars are grid, the grid girls will soon dissipate the grid, because the marshal has just passed the sign for less than 2 minutes before departure. The galleries are now complete, viewers are ready to live this race as if they were at the wheel of these cars, these cars that dreams are the many motorsport fans we are and we all envy. This is also why we fly (at least we try to control) their cars behind our PC screens.

Meanwhile, the lap was done in the past and end in cars by standing on the starting grid. The mechanics gaze fixed on their screens, viewers have their eyes wide open to see who go first before their eyes in the first round. The commissioners of tracks are also in place, and direction of racing on the lookout for any problems on departure to avoid the crash so spectacular that many are waiting behind their screens, but all fear on the track. The first red light comes on, the second, third, more than everything is kindled!

You think these few lines you have to relive the last race you missed? It could have been the case but that's what you may live in the weeks and months to come behind your computer screens watching live or deferred, racing Sim Racing broadcast by ....


After the lights went red and all the cars on the track were slim and you can follow after Paddock on TV!

Première rediffusion ce week end !Toutes les infos sur le site de Paddock TV
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PostSubject: Re: OPENING OF PADDOCK TV   OPENING OF PADDOCK TV EmptySat 30 Jun - 15:42

Niiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccceeeeeeeee. :jap:

:chef: .:: Mirando en vivo ::.
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