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 Pit box issues

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PostSubject: Pit box issues   Pit box issues EmptyThu 4 Mar - 18:53

During a league race last night we discovered an issue with the pitbox convention the mod is using. All of the Spykers and all of the 996's that I have looked at use pitbox 3 as their default pitbox. This would not be an issue normally but in the RFM it is set so that pitbox 3 is used by two cars. That is fine if you have two teammates who joined as the first two cars on the server but isn't so great when two rivals and the top two in the Championship are the first to join the sever.

I lost 15 seconds waiting for my pitbox to open. Ended up dropping well down the order because of it. Was very unhappy about it.

There is two fixes for this that I see.

1. Change the pitbox numbers in the VEH files. (complicated)
2. Limit one car per pitbox in the RFM and let rFactor handle where to put the overflow.

I recommend the second option for SP1 when it is released.

Thanks for all the great work you've done on these, fantastic other than above.
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Pit box issues
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